______________________________________________________________________________________On July 29, 2007, Doeba writes from the US:

Dr. Wesley:

Hopefully all’s well…

Thanks for creating & sharing your blog.

It was interesting reading about the “life altering” poetry festival in Columbia.

I tried to leave a comment, but was asked for a user name/password and couldn’t get through.

Have you blog bookmarked & I plan to visit often.

Take care.

doeba bropleh


On July 30, 2007, Fatoumata (who is a French speaker) writes in English from Mali, West Africa:
yes Patricia!

i’m gone send you some pictures for your blog, and also a few resume of my adventure in the jail at Medejin. You have a great idea! I also never see that before, and is very important for us to tell this story at many people around the world.

Take care

I’m come back




On July 30, Anne B. writes from State College, PA:

…On a different note, I went to your blog and read about your trip to Columbia. Your description transported me to that very place. What a wonderful experience. My strongest image is that of seeing many people sitting through kinds of weather in order to hear the wonderful poetry. I like the idea of poetry for peace. I have always thought of poetry as a vehicle with which to “connect”. It is easier to feel peaceful toward those we are connected to… I look forward to hearing more about your stay…

On August 2, Jason, a former student from my WMU days posted this from China:

Dear Patricia,

Thank you for including me in your group of friends to be invited to your blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your account of the International Festival in Columbia. I’ve never heard of such a gathering of poetry enthusiasts. It’s a shame that Poetry and Philosophy aren’t a higher priority in the world. If people were concerned more about the important matters perhaps they could overlook some of the selfishness that starts the wars around the world. I am ignorant of the war in Columbia. I have recently watched a few movies that highlighted some of the atrocities committed during the wars in Africa. One movie was “Blood Diamond” which focused on Sierra Leone and the other was called “The Last King of Scotland” about a doctor from Ireland that moves to Uganda and is befriended by Ida Amin. I left the US in September of 2004, so I don’t know the sentiment of the US very well. I do know that people grow tired of war, because there is only one constant – that is that people die. I am only aware of wars from the screens of TV sets and movie theatres. I know that doesn’t give me much room to talk, but I empathize with those who have suffered its brutal effects. I am very glad to know that you were spared from the bullets of your lost nation. You have impacted many people’s lives with your poetic insights to life’s blessings and by your participation in the festival you made that magic that touched child, woman, and man in the way only a caring soul can.

Thank you for being you,



On August 2, Patrick B. writes from Harrisburg, PA

Good to hear from you. Great blog. I look forward to visiting in the

future. Seeing you photos jolted my memory of you at LU.


Gilda Oliver writes from Baltimore, MD, on August 2, 2007

i love it!


On August 2, 2007, Ekena Wesley writes from Monrovia, Liberia:

Dear DR. Wesley,

Good to hear from you and can’t hold back my appreciation for such brilliant literary works. Now, more seriously, is it possible to create a space on your site whereby some of my previous works/commentaries could be published on the internet.

Keep up all the good work. Stay blessed.


On August 7, Gilda Oliver wrote from Baltimore, MD

Happy Birthday!

love Gil and Marc


On August 8, my publisher, Michael Simms writes from Pittsburgh, PA:

Dear Patricia,
What a wonderful blog you’ve created! I loved reading about your family and your idealism. Thank you for including the poem by Philip Terman.
All best,
Michael Simms
Autumn House Press


On August 8, my girlfriend Mellissa B posted this from State College, PA:

This is a beautiful and IMPORTANT blog. If anyone can convey the message that words are more powerful than bullets, it is you. I hope to see you before long. And happy belated birthday!
In friendship,
Melissa Beattie-Moss


On August 8, 2007, Maria Canela, my student writes from NY City

hey patricia,
i didnt know it was your birthday yesterday..HAPPY HAPPY BDAY..i will give u a call later..i really enjoyed your blog by the way..brought lots of memories to my mind..see you soon..hope all is well..


On August 8, Annaird writes from NYC:

Happy, Happy Birthday!

On August 10, 2007Norris Tweah, my younger brother and birthmate writes from Monrovia, Liberia:

Hi Sister,

Great articule–thanks. And so I sent it around and here are few of the moments I am pasting: I saw your sister’s website and I was
highly impressed by the level of intellectualism she has…


On August 11, 2007, my friend, Rose Shumba writes from Indiana PA


Please can you read us a poem at the party? Please, please sisi. I have been reading your poems on the website given, and I have been really impressed with your writing.


On August 15, 2007, my friend Lola Audu writes from Grand Rapids, Michigan

My Dear Patricia,

What a delightful gift your e-mail was today! I am going to savor your blog like one who is preparing to eat a hot bowl of pepper soup! J Then…after digesting, I think I will share on my blog what I have learned from yours! That’s the gift of viral promotion.

Hope you’re having a Awe-Filled day,

Blessings to you & the family,



On August 15, Rudy Lewis writes from the US:

Patricia, I heard about your blog awhile thanks. It looks nice. I like the photos. — Rudy


On August 15, Hnede Morgan, my childhood friend, high school classmate and buddy wrote:

Thanks Pat,

I really enjoyed reading some of the articles in blog. You are so compassionate about what’s going on in the world. It takes only one person at a time. With the forum you are a part of you could do greatness.

I will pray that the Almightly will continue to endow you with true wisdom to be able to carry on the fabulous work that you and some of your collegues are doing. God Bless! ! !

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I also enjoyed view the photos. You all look so at peace with great dreams and anticipations for the future. Good Work Girl! ! !

Will speak to you soon.




On August 15, Lola writes from Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Patricia,
Check out this blog post I wrote about you & some lessons learned 🙂
I’m so thrilled to see you blogging. It has definitely opened up a whole new

world for me.



On August 16, 2007, Sandra Staton-Taiwo writes from the University of Ghana during a summer conference there:

I tried to leave a comment–but I couldn’t without a username/password–and I

don’t know how to get one…



On August 16 Chirag writes from Nepal

hi Patricia,

thank you so much for the page. it looks so great…



From Hollidaysburg, PA Sandra P writes on August 19

Thank you Patricia for including me on this site. I love the international poems. What a thrill it must have been to be part of that many readers!

See you soon,

On August 20, Ruby Harmon writes:


Thanks for sharing. What a refreshing web-site. It’s great to see poetry celebrated by so many. Keep being the inspiration that you are. You are a gift to us.



On August 21, my high school classmate, Shadrene H writes from New Jersey, US:



I saw your web sites and poetry. Congratulations and well done on your endeavors.

Wish you continued success.




On August 23, a colleague and friend, Todd writes:

I’ve been away in Texas, hiking with family and friends. What wonderful news to return to!!! Congratulations on taking part in the international poetry festival. I enjoyed your new blog, reading about your adventures in South America and the new poets you met there.

You are a wonderful ambassador for poetry, Liberia, the U.S., and Penn State. We sure are lucky to have you here.
May the new semester bless you and your work flourish.



On August 27, Leah, my kids former grade school teacher writes from Byron Center, Michigan:

Dear Patricia,

I have just finished eating my lunch reading your blog. It has been such an enjoyable luncheon reading about your life. Admittedly, my favorites are when you share snippets about your kids. Oh where has the time gone!? The school year has begun as of today here at Byron Center Christian School.



On Sept. 5, Cameron, my former creative writing student writes from Arizona:

stranger it’s Cameron

I wanted to say congratulations on your recent poetry reading! I read about it

online and felt so proud that I had the chance to not only workshop with you,

but to have a close relationship. I hope the school year is off to a great

Keep influencing lives the way you do,

Flow with the Go.


From Monrovia, Liberia, Elizabeth writes on August 30, 2007

Hello Mrs. Wesley,

I am Elizabeth E. Hoff (formerly Enoanyi), your former student at the University of Liberia during the 1980’s. I am also former President of the Press Union of Liberia (actually the first woman to ever head the Union), and presently the Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information where your brother Norris is. In fact, he directed me to your website, and since then i’ve been fascinated by your writing, especially your poems. I just love your style! You know, i’m a journalist and so i’m very keen about how people present their message to the audience- yours is just splendid. i just read your poem “I Now Wander” and it vividly paints the message you are getting across ( i know what you’re talking about!). Can you imagine not seeing you all these years but still being able to connect to you through your writings? You are truly an inspiration. Please keep up the good work.

All the best,



On Oct. 11, 2007, Richard invites:

If you ever get a chance, check out my blog at www.raymondafoss.blogspot.com, which has over 1,600 poems and over 650 pictures on it. Thank you.

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