How Important is Electing Barack Obama this November? VERY: African & Other Immigrants- There is a Clear Choice Between Obama & Mitt Romney.

There is a Clear Choice: Obama is for you, who are often left out of mainstream America. Remember that.

How  important is electing President Barack Obama to you this November?  If you are an immigrant, particularly, an African Immigrant, you can no longer stay home, be silent, pretend this is not your country or let others vote for ‘their’ President. You need to claim the promised land that you have entered, and make a difference for the world. This election is the most important election, even more so, than the 2008 elections. President Obama and the Democratic Party are facing a great challenge this year because there is a clear choice. Your life will never be the same if Mitt Romney is elected as President of the United States. Get out your tennis shoes, talk to your children, talk to your neighbors, volunteer, and vote, like your life depends on it.

Don’t Let Obama Fight this Battle Alone- Join Before It is Too Late

VOLUNTEERING: Do you have to be a citizen to vote? Yes. You have to be. But, do you have to be a citizen to volunteer, to give your money to help Barack Obama get elected or to campaign with the phone bank or go door to door? NO. All you have to be is a legal resident of the US to volunteer. To vote, you have to be a registered voter, so get on with it, if you have not yet done so. Many other states have ended their voter registration, however.

I am a Volunteer, and each week, I make phone calls, open my home as a phone bank, etc. etc. Yesterday, during our phone call hours at the Obama for President office (The Local Democratic Party Offices), I spoke to an immigrant, an Indian or Pakistani woman, living in one of the most affluent areas of our town. She told me that she had never voted in her life even though she had been in America for decades and is over fifty years old. Why had she never voted? I did not ask her. But she told me that she did not know what to do. She’d just got her voter registration confirmation in the mail, just one day before the PA deadline. Wow, she made it. But she said to me, I do not know what to do when I enter the booth, how to vote. “I am scared.” Wow!

She is an educated immigrant, probably, a doctor, by where she lives in my community. But she has never voted in her life. Is this because, like many of you out there, she didn’t feel that her voice mattered? Well, this is America, the greatest country on earth, if you ask me, where every vote and every voice matters, where the law is on your side. Do not let all the noise about voter IDs and all the intimidation make you afraid to exercise your rights. Go, and get in involved, your life depends on it.

Examine the Candidates Against their Promises Despite the Confusion with Mitt Romney’s recent switch from what he would do with your health insurance, your Medicare, your Medicaid, etc. etc.

I spoke to another woman yesterday, a non-immigrant American. She’d just got a new job after losing her previous one. She lost her health insurance after losing that job. Now, the new job is making her wait three months despite her medical conditions. Times are hard, isn’t so? So, now, she’s waiting for the new job to kick in its insurance so she can see the doctor. But you known what? She told me that she was Undecided.

My question to her was, WHY? Why is a woman who has no health insurance, who is moving to a new one, thanks to God, undecided, and probably, will vote for Romney? I told her that she’s lucky to have a new job and a new health insurance. But you know what, “your new job/insurance under Romney will deny you treatment because it’s been many months since  you’ve been uncovered, and when you begin the new insurance coverage, you will be a case of Pre-existing condition.” Under Obama’s health care policy, she will have her Pre-existing condition covered. Wow! How hard is that to understand?

For us, immigrants, the stake is higher. A new president holds the key not just to your living condition in the US, but also, that of your life as an immigrant, immigration laws and issues, foreign policies toward the rest of the world, your children’s future and stay in this country, your life as a citizen or resident alien, wars or ending wars, and on and on. Stop pretending this is not your country. We all love America, and I know you do, too. God bless America, God bless the world, God bless you.


6 Responses to “How Important is Electing Barack Obama this November? VERY: African & Other Immigrants- There is a Clear Choice Between Obama & Mitt Romney.”

  1. Karen Says:

    If it is making you so angry, perhaps the Holy Spirit is convicting you? This is not right wing talk. I am sincere when I ask how you can support a president who supports abortion, the killing of innocent lives? As a Christian, I simply cannot. I knew you from your days in MI, attended your husband’s church which met in the school, does that help you to remember me? I decided to look you up on the Internet because you have always been a woman I have admired. Your stories and poems have bolstered my faith in God! I sincerely mean that. I was totally shocked to see your strong support for Obama. My questions were meant genuinely and not for the purpose of angering you. For that I am grieved. I am just trying to truly understand why exactly Obama is so crucial to Africam immigrants, and why my former pastor’s wife would be supporting him so strongly. What caused you to support him originally?

  2. Karen Says:

    Ah well, I have spent some time reading your blog, and I think I comprehend a little bit more why you admire him so much with his African roots, etc. Please forgive my ignorance on those issues. I have not looked you up in a long time, and I guess I was so surprsed to see your support for Obama..this was the first and only post I saw when I originally replied. I discontinued my Facebook acct. A long time ago. My convictions are also very important to me. I watched the Democratic National Convention and it made me sick to my stomach to hear so many statements in support of abortion. It is only one issue, but human life is so precious, even the life in the womb. My heart breaks at Obama’s policies in this area. I assumed you would be pro-life, but maybe I am incorrect on that?

    I truly wish you and your family well.

    • poetryforpeace Says:

      You did not discontinue your facebook account. You have lots of postings on there in support of Mitt Romney. I guessed who you were. And do not tell me about the Holy Spirit convicting me. You know there was nothing Christian in your approach to the issues i raised on my blog. I wrote a blog, encouraging African immigrants to vote for Barack Obama. What annoyed you is that there is someone who believes differently than you and that is too condescending, if you ask me. I am a spirit filled Christian, but the sort of Christianity that many people who are making all the evil threats, doing dishonest things, being racist and all, just to show their disgust for a Black President is too un-Christlike. How do you think I feel when many of you believe in all the stuff Rush preaches? I do not pay attention to all the evil I hear from Christians. I know that God is in irrespective of them. I know that God will judge everyone for their false beliefs, Karen. So, I do not bother. But I have a right to believe the things I believe, in the US President and all the efforts he’s made to lift this country out of the hole that was left us. You talked about how little you have and how Obama is responsible for you not having a job and all of that. Have you ever seen me complain about the life my family and I had to live due to war, due to leaving my country and all my family, due to seeing so many of my own family killed in the war, even my mother and stepmother killed, due to having my people languish in refugee camps because some dictator, with the help of foreign governments, brought war upon us? Yes, I condemned the evil, but I have rolled up my sleeves each time to work harder, to return to school, to do my part to make my life better. I have never said that the reason I didn’t get assistance was because some President ruined my country in his economics. Instead of everyone rallying around the American President and helping to improve things, you all are using the Bible to fight your culture war.

      Now, here is another thing: I am an academic, Karen. I am a professor, a poet, an African woman, a black woman, even though I believe in Christ. So, I am more complicated than you think. Before the war I endured, I was not in need of anyone, and so I did not try to push anyone to help me soon after I was out of the war. When you knew me, as you say, I was living on the least with my husband and four children, and I managed not by food stamps, but by working all sorts of jobs to make it, and returning to school to better my life. I had no mother or father to help me and I had no rich relatives. Some of those who were my friends then judged me for everything even though they had so much that I never asked them for. As an academic, I have principles that require me to be open minded, to be accepting of people, to care about them no matter who they are, something a Christian should know. You are in your new note, accusing me of supporting Obama because he is of African roots. How sad, even racist, like all the other talk out there. I am supporting him because he has the best plan for my children, for how I see the country going. I know that Mitt is just another rich man who does not relate to ordinary people, but you will not see that. You have a culture that has not gone beyond seeing a black man for what you think he is instead of what he can do; so you come to my blog instead of calling me, to fight me about why I support what you call “a baby killer.” Baby killer? Tell me, have you or your extended relatives ever voted Democratic? Tell me, I know you, have you? Why would you suddenly do so now?

      Here is what a friend does when she is surprised by her friend: She picks up the phone or sends an e-mail to ask for the friend’s phone number to catch up and talk about issues. She does not come to her blog where all kinds of good as well as bad people are posting things, to pour out her heart about how stupid this friend must be to support a man who has led this country with the utmost love and dedication for four years. You are on my facebook account, so you know how to reach me. I visited your account last night when I read your note, and saw all your past postings on how much you hate Obama’s candidacy. But, Karen, that is just politics, just the times, and all of this will pass. Why ruin your friends for that? Why fight your friends, that you have not talked to in more than a decade for an election season that is temporal. Did you think to do the Christian thing before going into preaching?

      I am a devout Christian, and you are the last to tell me about holy spirit convicting me. All of that is crap as far as I am concerned. You guys want to use God to fit your purpose and your selfish desire to always be the ones on top. God does not buy into that. As a Christian, you and I can go on about holiness and God’s purpose and what it means to be a Christian during the good and the bad times. You know me. I have not changed. But God is not a Republican nor a Democrat. He is neither white nor black. I know and live on the Bible and do not depend on some mean pastor telling his whole congregation to go out and vote the black man out kind of talk.

      Finally, my blog is not a personal attack blog. It is an intellectual place for intellectual debate. Please do not come here posting personal, cultural war stuff. I do not subscribe to that. I will support whoever I want to support and there is no one who should have the right to judge me for that. Let me say one last thing. I deleted your note not because I was afraid, but because it was infected with a virus. My computer was crashing after i clicked on the smiling face symbol, and the keys were typing all kinds of symbols until I shut it down and quickly ran a virus protector and a firewall immediately and all night. I do not know if it was intentional, and do not want to believe that. But I would have kept it up as I do all the other things people have said. This site is for the issues that are important to me, and the folks that visit it come from all the continents of the world. They are Buddhist, Atheist, Muslims, Christian, white, black, Gay, Lesbian, Straight, even refugee, and everything under the sun. My blog is where they can come to feel free of cultural attacks. Please do not use it for your “What would Jesus” do kind of thing because Jesus would throw up if he saw what those wearing the bracelet or going around saying that do to those who are not like them.

      May God have mercy on you for thinking your idea of holy spirit has convicted me.

  3. Karen Says:

    I am not racist—I would hope you know me better than that. I have *NO* disgust for Obama based on his race. I would have much preferred Herman Cain–who happens to be black– to be have the nomination instead of Romney. I was very disappointed when he dropped out of the race. After he dropped out, my preference went to Rick Santorum. Romney is not my first choice, as I said before. I truly do *not* have a Facebook page. If I do, I would like to know where it is, because I chose to leave Facebook over a year ago and totally deleted my account. Maybe you have the wrong Karen?

    Absolutely you have the right to vote for who you want! That is the beauty of America.

    The reason I said the thing about the Holy Spirit was because I was surprised at the response you originally made.
    Now that I see in the other posts your passion and love for Obama, I see why you were so indignant. Please try to understand that I have not been up-to-date with you at all—I have not read your blog—-I have not been on Facebook. I was just surprised when I came and read this very post. That is the first I have read of you for a long time. Now I have spent some time reading your blog. I was delighted to see how well your family is doing, how MT has graduated from college, and that Norris is doing so well. I remember helping him by giving him rides when he first came to Kzoo. I remember delightedly attending your poetry reading at WMU. I love your poetry books, own two of them, and I see there is more I will enjoy reading that have come out since then!

    You have been a huge blessing in my life, and a woman I have always admired—I STILL admire (despite your support of Obama!). I hope you remember me better than what you have said in your reply. The Spirit moves where He will—it is not up to me, sometimes when I get so angry about something initially, I realize that the Lord is trying to work in me through something someone else is saying to me, and that is all I meant and tried to imply. I was not condemning you!!!! One of my favorite, best memories of you is hearing you sing “The Steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases…..” That song, and the stories you told, have been a huge encouragement to me, and I sing that song whenever I need it most, and I remember your war stories and take courage. I am in all sincerity and genuineness when I say that.

    Now as a sister in Christ, as someone who has always considered you a friend, can you explain to me how you feel about Obama’s stance on abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood? Is it okay with you? Or does everything else he does and stand for mean so much to you that you can overlook that issue? That is all I want to know. I watched the Democratic convention on television, and I was sick to my stomach to see how many speakers supported abortion, the taking of innocent human life. I do not separate my professional life from my faith life, and I am having trouble fathoming how a Christian can vote for Obama….and truly want to understand. I am grieved that I spoke so quickly without reading more of your blog—-I see how much you really like Obama. Please understand.

    • poetryforpeace Says:


      I wrote you a long response, but I will not discuss any more with you on this blog. I have way too many people from around the world who read my postings than you can imagine, and will not put them through the pain of arguing with someone who says she admires me, but wants to post these comments on my blog. People have asked me to change the setting, and I think I am going to. If you want to communicate with me further, send me an e-mail at I may even give you my phone number.

      Maybe you have a different motive for the postings, but if it is my reason for supporting Obaa you want, I have them outlined for you. I am a team volunteer leader for the Obama campaign, so i have all my reasons for wanting one of the best Presidents America has ever had to be reelected. I am praying for him, and if God is who he says he is, Obama will win the election.

      May you know peace today, and please find another means of catching up to me. If you have any respect left for someone you say you used to admire, someone who was one of the finest support of encouragement to you, someone who prayed for you when you needed her, then send me a note. Had you done this on facebook, my fans would have slammed you. You have been unfair to me and no friend does that. This is what I say to my conservative friends: Election is only for a season, but friends are forever. Do not ruin your friendship for politics.

      Thank you.

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