GMAIL is Down Again, Today, Sept. 1. Take Note Below


For some time now, Gmail has been down.  I have posted an explanation from the Gmail site for your information.

Today’s Gmail problems

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 1:15 PM

Posted by David Besbris, Engineering Director

We know many of you are having trouble accessing Gmail right now — we are too, and we definitely feel your pain. We don’t usually post about minor issues here (the Apps status dashboard and the Gmail Help Center are usually where this kind of information goes). Because this is impacting so many of you, we wanted to let you know we’re currently looking into the issue and hope to have more info to share here shortly. If you have IMAP or POP set up already, you should be able to access your mail that way in the meantime. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will get Gmail back up and running as soon as possible.


33 Responses to “GMAIL is Down Again, Today, Sept. 1. Take Note Below”

  1. supersinge Says:

    no gmail
    no pigtail !

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You suck

  3. Charles Wilkes Says:

    I don’t know if I have IMAP or POP or not, but if I do, I have no idea how to use it to get my email from gmail. Never had this issue before despite being a long time user of gmail. It has been down before, but came up very quickly. And I also think that the message you get about trying again in a few minutes is inane — why not tell it like it is.

    • Clay Says:

      If you have your Gmail configured with your outlook or some other email provider then you can still access your Gmail account. But if you only access your Gmail through google then you’re SOL like the rest of us.

  4. Someone Says:

    I am going to hotmail

  5. steve Says:

    its not just mail thats annoying, i am on linux ( ubuntu ) and i have to sign in everyday even tho i tick the keep me signed in box, ok its just a couple of clicks but surely ticking the box should be enough, but no, everyday i get you must sign in to proceed to your inbox!!WTF!! even tho the box is ticked and all i have to do is click SEVERAL TIMES but BLOODY ANNOYING OR WHAT!!!!!
    WHY WONT IT JUST STAY LOGGED ON? my comp is never offline except maybe once or twice a month but everyday i access google i must login
    thinking i made a wrong choice getting a gmail account, at least yahoo keeps me logged in for 2 weeks at a time

    • pavlos Says:

      Steve: I assume you allow cookies … login info is stored in a cookie. I use Firefox with Fedora 9 and it remembers me.

    • Marc Says:

      i never have to sign in to my gmail. make sure u have cookies enbled and that when u sign in you have stay signed in checked

  6. Anonymous Says:

    GMAIL please don’t start having your head up your butt like yahoo do. if you do got your heads up your butt then please pull your head out of your butt and fix it.
    gee. Maybe you should call microsoft and see if they can help you LOL!.

  7. Mo Says:

    not good at all I have a deadline to meet for an ad! any idea how long this will take

  8. Bruce Says:

    So how long has it been down and what’s the prognosis? These are the important questions.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I have been a gmail user for about a year now and this is my 1st experience w/ shutdown. Have I just been lucky? I have been very happy up to now.

  10. Rose Torres Says:

    Thank you for the update it is always nice to get a note to let people on the net to know it is down. I really appreciate the input.

    Rose from MD.

  11. me Says:

    go on and add gmail as a gadget, that still works for some reason!!
    hope it works

  12. Anonymous Says:

    From the igoogle you can access gmail. Try this

  13. jerry Says:

    I don’t have a clue what “steve” said & I fully agree w/ “Charles Wilkes”. What is an IMAP or POP anyways?

  14. Wesley Says:

    Google Enterprise Blog:

    Google Wave Preview:

    Google is trying bigger and newer things… go ahead and try Yahoo, Hotmail, blah blah blah all you want. It’s all garbage compared to Google Wave. Garbage.

  15. M from LA Says:

    I can’t access my email on my computer but I can on my phone – guess that’s the POP working.

  16. Matt Says:

    Why the BS from Google – “normally don’t post MINOR PROBLEMS” then “We feel your pain”. Somehow I don’t think so.

  17. Diego Says:

    i love my gmail! one bad day… the last few yrs
    ive been lucky too!

  18. 007 Says:

    I love G-Mail. Everything has a problem once in a while. I miss it right now, but I’ll cope. I’m holding an open house (I’m a Realtor), so I’m finding other productive things to do. No worries….

  19. Hiral Says:

    I love Gmail! I love google.. Its just having a bad day.. Everybody does.

  20. Yusuf Ozturk Says:

    This is a better one with no down:

  21. Pat Says:

    No gmail doesn’t just mean no email — it also means no calendar or contact list is available. This is a horrible loss of information at a critical time. I’m devastated.

  22. B.S Says:

    We have been telling our clients that insist on using Gmail that something like this would eventually happen. Its great that IMAP and POP3 work for those that have it setup already – BUT – every time I have called in for problems related to using POP3 or IMAP, I have been told – let me see if I can get this right – “We really prefer you to use the Gmail web interface….” – Ok I would love to use it right now…..

  23. Joe Knowitall Says:

    Hotmail is terrible. Stop spreading lies.

  24. molly Says:

    have had gmail since it started, this has never happened to me before, and i was on and using it till 2 pm pacific time, so it hasn’t been all day for me, I got my stuff done early, just wanted to check back on something and pow, the unheard of has been made itself noticed. no biggy for me, it will be back by the time I jones for mailing someone.

  25. GeorgeW Says:

    Software engineers are typically gifted in a very narrow way, sort of like idiot savants. They can unravel technological puzzles marvelously, and blast video game dragons, but they are completely out of their element when relating to other humans. This is why a top engineer at Google wouldn’t even pause to wonder if a message to the whole public world should include terms like “pop” and “imap”. It’s sort of sad.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    gmail is now working again.
    they fix it.. working working working so stop your crying people it’s back up and online again so stop your crying please. or go and slap yourself silly.

  27. Harsh Agrawal Says:

    Gmail down created a great trend on Twitter.. Even iGoogle was no working…Glad Its back now..Though I hope they will not come up with something like
    After Twitter Google got DDOS attack

  28. poetryforpeace Says:

    OK, gmail was fixed. Thanks for all the comments, both good and bad. I guess, it’s always a neat thing to have a place to vent your frustrations when you need to. Glad I could be of help, guys. LOL.

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