Facebook is Down???? August 6, 2009


Facebook is down at this minute, and has been for at least twenty minutes now. I just received birthday wishes through e-mails, and wanted to check up on the senders, and found out facebook is down. After a few minutes, others are also commenting on twitter being down. Does this say something to us? It is amazing how in the busy schedules we have, we cans still connect to professional and personal friends from around the US and the world.

Since I started using facebook, I can communicate with my writer friends in Eastern and Western Europe, in Spanish America, in the Islands, in the UK, and particularly, in Africa. I can even edit my former studentss poetry, give them advice about their work, and encourage them. I can congratulate them on their achievements just by a few strokes and a click, and have found out that my world has got smaller and more fun. It is not a place only for crazy people as others think; it is great for the writer of poetry and fiction. My writer friends here in the US have also been much closer to me than the world away that they are. What is most beneficial to me is how my former students from around Africa and parts of the world or fans of my poetry have been supportive of me by their kind comments, their arguments about writing or about life on the whole, and how I have learned so much from being connected. Of course, there are many friends I know that I do not facebook with. This may be because they are too close to me or are not folks that will benefit my line of career or thinking.

But I have one of my sons on facebook with me. That keeps me in check. He is watching me as much as my many non-biological, writing children are. So, today, one day before my birthday, my birthday greetings are coming in (even though they make me feel so OLd), I see that facebook is down. WOW. What an interesting age. I’m going to get me a cup of coffee and continue writing and editing my poems.


One Response to “Facebook is Down???? August 6, 2009”

  1. Your favorite daughter Says:

    Mom, Facebook is lame.

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