All of My Poetry/ English Professor Friends, Whites and Blacks Are Voting for Obama-WOW, Please Remember to VOTE!!!!

This is an historic election, no doubt. Everyone is at a standstill, waiting. All over the world, everyone is waiting. My friends around the world have told me they too are at a standstill for America. They love America and also wait like all of us.

What is most interesting to me is the circles of associations that we have formed around the election. Around me, many of my neighbors are for the opposition, but you have just to enter university territory or neighborhoods or college professors vitual world or poetry lanes, and you have Obama support everywhere to encourage you. My first duty as a supporter of Obama tomorrow is to drive forty minutes to State College to pick up my son, MT, who is registered in my township to vote. Besie, our eldest will be voting near her Penn State campus. After that, I will go to my campus to see if I am needed to drive students to the polls. I will work with all my strength to see Obama elected. I have given the few hours and few dollars I could. In my family, I am proud to say that my very intellectual two older children have their heads on their shoulders and are voting for Obama. My children want a better life for themselves and their children.


My poetry friends are all up in arms with excitement and fear for the elections and Obama. But all will be well, I tell myself. Writers and artists and teachers and professionals at college campuses know the toll college education is taking on all of us and our children. They are on the field where art has been pulled out of schools, where poets can no longer get funding, where student drop-out is related to who makes policy of education, and we are counting the hours. One of my facebook friends, a very fine and renowned poet had her hours and minutes counted to the hour of voting. November 4, 2008 will be a day to keep in history. If Obama wins the position he is expected to win (if no one cheats this time), it will be a great day for most Americans and for all of us around the world.


Listen to this poem: A Poem for Obama by Ainsley Burrows—-


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