Obama for America: This Is A Time for Prayer and Reflection

If My Grandfather Had Lived to See This, He Would Have Told Me About It

The Unity among all the races behind Barack Obama should humble those of us who are black.

She is not crazy- She is a living example of how hopefully we await the election results.

If this is not a calling from God, then who has called Barack like this?

Electing the first black man to the highest office in America is cause for reflection whether one is a black person, a white, a Chinese, Hispanic or bi-racial. This is not how we were brought up. This is not what America has designed in its centuries of governing. But this is what Barack Obama with his visionary love for this country has called on all of us to do. There is only cause for reflection, for prayer and for calm as we watch history evolve in the presence of our own reach. I am awed to tears. And I am not the only one awed. My friends who are white tell me with tears in their eyes as they all wait with all of us to see how the election turns out. My black friends are awed. Everyone pauses amidst the charges and counter charges. The world waits at the crossroads to see what America does this time. Life itself is at a standstill. Obama makes us cry again and again.

Get out and vote on November 4.


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