Barack Obama Is Here With Us In West- Central Pennsylvania: Change You Can Believe In–Come Out and See Him!!!




Barack Obama has come to us here in West and Central Pennsylvania, bringing his message of unity, of change we can believe in, of moving America forward, his message of bringing this wonderful country and its people together, and I am really really excited. If you live in the rolling hills of the Laurel Highlands and the Allegheny Mountains or if you enjoy the Nittany lion country where the roads wind up and down around these lovely hills of Pennsylvania country, I am speaking to you. This is also what we know to be Penn State country. This is where I learned to love football even though I think succor is the best sport in the world. Hey, don’t be mad.

But come out to University Park tomorrow at 11:30 if you missed Obama in Johnstown, Greensburgh or in Pittsburgh to hear the next President of the United States. This man is a phenomenon, one who can bring all races together. I believe in what Obama can do for America, for the world, and for everyone, the good, the bad, the ugly, the common, the educated, the uneducated, whites, blacks, Asians, and everyone. No one is perfect, but I believe that the person who cares deeply is one who has himself seen life’s tough roads.


University Park, where The Pennsylvania State University is just forty-five miles from where I am is where you will need to go to hear this great man. I had planned to be there, but I am not sure if I can drive up since I have been ill for weeks. But hey, I can write and invite my readers living in Pennsylvania to go and hear Obama. I have listened keenly to almost every word he has said; I have heard the critics, have heard it all, and as a poet, a teacher, an African immigrant, a mother and wife, a Christian who also believes in the values that make a great leader, I believe in Obama. Get out of your homes and follow those who want to hear him and those hanging on the sidelines, go to University Park on the Old Main Lawn to hear the man America has been waiting for all these years.

I have been here when Reagan was elected, when Bill Clinton was elected, when George W Bush was elected, and when John Kerry was not elected. I have watched the play on politics, have seen all there was to see. I was the biggest Bill Clinton fan even when I lived in a town that was all Republican. But I tell ya, this is Obama’s term to move America forward.

African immigrants and immigrants from other parts of the world should take note. This is your moment to allow your voices to be heard. A couple of young college students in my class came to me last fall and were speaking to me, their Obama t-shirts on, trying to tell me about a candidate that I love so much. But as a professor, I listened to them, watched their excitement, young, white and excited college kids, trying to make a difference in their world. That was amazing and that is amazing. Obama can unite us all.

One of the realities that hits immigrants upon arrival here is that division between the races. That subtle line, the setting aside of the other that does not look like you can be very surprising to immigrants. So often, my heart has bled because my friends come in all shades of colors. I am very close to my white friends, my Indian friends, my African American friends, my Asian and Asian American friends, and to me, all people no matter where they come from are the same. I just love people. Obama can bring all of these races together.

So, Obama’s message means a lot to me. I believe that we need to come together. If we come together, then maybe we can help the world come together. Let us come together.

Come, the kola nut has been served.

The wine has been poured.

The table has been laid.

The mat has been laid out.

The drums have been sounded.

People are holding hands.

When we are one,

we can overcome the problems of the world.

I have seen no other candidate speaking to everyone.

No other candidate speaking to everyone, so come on board.



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