With AWP-2008 Over, Join Me As I Launch My New Book: “The River is Rising” In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Februay 15, 2008


Photo by Author , Sara Roahen at the Autumn House Book Table at AWP -2008

Let’s pick up on the AWP blog I’ve been trying to finish writing after my reading in Pittsburgh- okay. I have been very very busy more than always because of the number of readings I’m doing to promote my new book this semester. You can see from my last blogging that this is the longest it’s taken me. Today we were buried under the snow here in PA, and schools were canceled everywhere. My driveway reminds me of Michigan days when snow piles looked like small mountains, so you see, I was happy to see so much snowfall and to be snowed in to write. I actually wrote a new poem, edited a non-fiction piece that was recently solicited for an anthology, and am trying to work on other poems just solicited.

Now, here’s the reading in Pittsburgh for you:

——–February 15, 2008—Official Book Launching with Autumn House Master Poets Series

My Official Book Launching Sponsored by Autumn House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Location: The Joseph Beth location in the Southside Works in Pittsburgh

Time- Friday, Feb. 15, 2008 at 7 pm.

Free and open to the public

If you live in the area, come and listen to Sheryl and me read from our new books.

On the last note in this short blog, I must thank my readers who have been logging on to the site and it seems, the AWP blog prior to the conference was very popular. Some of you have e-mailed me about updates to past stories and issues, so I will take some time to update you on past stories within the next few weeks. I also have a Youtube video of me reading three poems and an interview with WPSU, and will post it within a few weeks also. You may log on to WPSU webstream at: http://streams.wpsx.psu.edu/Poet_Patricia_Jabbeh01282.html

In the meantime, it’s such a busy time, and it is so cold out there, and of course, all of you are watching the primaries like I am, and if you are like me, some of you are shedding tears at the excitement of this year’s process. It is a good time to be in America, I tell you, so enjoy this one, but don’t forget now to stop by the Autumn House reading we’re doing to officially launch our books, Sheryl and I.

The photo at the top was taken by Sara Raehen, a beautiful author who visited Autumn House book table while I was doing my book signing. I will include her in the AWP blog when I have the time.

Keep warm, please, and write a poem.


2 Responses to “With AWP-2008 Over, Join Me As I Launch My New Book: “The River is Rising” In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Februay 15, 2008”

  1. laudu Says:

    Blessings to you in the book launch tomorrow. We’re thankful that the snow has decided to stop falling in Michigan and has graciously allowed the sunshine a few days to warm us up a few degrees above frigid.

  2. Carol Ann Avorgbedor-Laing Says:

    July 7, 2008


    Congrats on the new book!

    I was on the web ordering the books when I read
    that you had a reading on Youtube. Naturally, I
    went to see it.

    I loved it! That was a great poem filled with compassion
    in your words and in your projection and reading of it.

    Not sure which book “Good Friends” is in, but since
    I’m ordering all of the publications now at one time,
    I’ll find out. Last time I ordered the first book at
    Borders and when I went in, finally remembering I
    had ordered it, when I reached the store the book
    was no more.

    Keep up the good work. I suppose someone has
    to promote your work and if not you, or the Good
    Savior and Promoter, who else?

    carol ann

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