So 2008 is already here with us! Well, let me bless you just the way my old Bai (Grandfather) Jabbeh and Bai Hney used to bless me when I was a little girl or like the elders would bless us when we needed blessings as always. Let your feet be light and your days be filled with so much laughter and cause for true laughter. When you laugh, let it be genuine and when you speak, let your language be filled with hope. Remember, entering a new year is like entering a new place. The year is still clean and fresh, unscathed by all the undone things. Of course, our old worries and our old needs have followed us into the new year, but hey, look at the new great things that will come to help lighten the burden you may have brought along from the old year. May we all see new mercies from God and may our dreams come so true they become unbelievable achievements.

As for me, my one resolution is that I walk in grace each step of the way. It is only by God’s grace that my imperfections become useful because in myself, I am not much of anything. My good and my bad on two scales will amount mostly to my bad. But in the light of God’s grace, I can look much better than I am.

As I finish, I’d like to conclude my first blog of the new year on a youtube video I discovered in my wanderings. It is a lovely performance by a very wonderful Camaroonian musician, Fru Atanga, performing his instrument, singing “Bue Wani” (Open Your Eyes). This is the sort of art that is a mix of poetry, history, and music even with the youtube video clip itself being a drama. This to me is a good way to begin the year. The performance is in itself a historical and educational piece as the history of a continent is told through the voice of hope. You see, Africans have every reason to cry and to mourn for the injustices we have suffered over the centuries, but as one year ends and another begins, there is reason to listen to such a performance. There is hope, I tell you, despite the gloomy pictures of this weeks violence from East Africa to West, from South to North.

There is hope that the criminals who cause wars and violence around the world will be stopped, that the genocide that is destroying whole generations in Darfur will be brought to an end, that the fighting in the Congo will end, that the violence and wars in Pakistan, in Iraq, in the Ivory Coast, etc. will come to an end in 2008, that Charles Taylor, the war criminal that destroyed Liberia and caused tens of thousands to be killed in Sierra Leone and Liberia will finally stand trail and be brought to justice, that Liberians will for once have the courage of standing up to Taylor and his supporters by bringing him to trial even for the human rights violations he perpetrated on our people, and that those who support wars around the world with their money and powers will for once take pity on the world and stop funding wars or supporting wars. It is my hope that Liberians will continue to recover from those terrible fourteen years of war. Yes, 2008 is another year of hope and of good things to come.

There is hope as Fru Atanga declares, “There is a place for you in the future…. Africa.” let me add that that future has arrived in 2008.

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy Fru Atanga. OPEN YOUR EYES so you see the blessings of the new year.


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