Crystal Aikin doing her “SUNDAY BEST” on BET: I’M DEFINITELY A FAN!!!!


Cyrstal is Anointed…..If you don’t know, just listen to her sing. She makes you feel the spirit of God, and know truly that “The Lord is in His Holy Temple, let all the earth keep silence before Him.”

I am not a big fan of TV or of American Idol or any such competition. But often I catch myself watching what my children watch. Lately, I have been a big fan of BET’s “Sunday Best.” I love the hosts and their careful attention to the whole art of the art of gospel music. I am not a singer myself, but as a poet, I love music, especially gospel, African gospel, African Christian music and all sorts of music. So lately, I have been brought down to my knees in tears in my bedroom or living room when Crystal comes on with her voice that can wake up the dead. She is IN-CRE-DI-BLE, I tell you. She has the talent of life and the beauty of inspiration, and she is ANOINTED.

She is definitely my favorite of them all. The last competition was really competitive, but she stood her ground and rocked the room once more like she did the first time I heard her sing that first night of the competition.

Crystal, God has anointed you, my little sister. Congratulations!


One Response to “Crystal Aikin doing her “SUNDAY BEST” on BET: I’M DEFINITELY A FAN!!!!”

  1. arleene nunes-archibald Says:

    crystal,I absolutely love you and I am blessed and ministered to, each time I hear you.Ignore the naysayers ’cause one thing is certain, what god have for you is for you.No one can take it,not even your nearest rival.I don’t have to tell you Crystal,I believe you already know. Pitfalls are out there,oppurtunities to compromise will abound, but stay true to holiness,modesty and purity.You don’t have to fall prey to the kind of “half-stepping” that so many of these so called successful gospel artist are guilty of.Stay focused and remember what it took to get you here you will need to keep you here.Again I love you and I will pray for you constantly.You are gorgeous,absolutely beautiful.keep on keeping on.I wish you every success.

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